Professional Development Training

Most People Are Poor Communicators

As a veteran of multiple professional sectors, I have been struck repeatedly by two things: how many good ideas there are out there and how few people can communicate them effectively. That’s because we rarely train people how to communicate well; we just assume they’ll pick it up along the way. And the higher we advance within our careers, the less willing we are to ask for the training we need.

How To Gain Impact and Visibility

My training will help you to achieve greater impact and visibility in your field. It combines creative tools with practical advice. When you work with me:

*you will discover your unique voice

*your thinking will be more coherent

*your writing will be crisp and fluid

*your presentations will be powerful and inspiring

*your teams will be motivated and productive


*Blogging for Impact

*Writing Persuasively

*Speaking Persuasively

*Communication Skills for Effective Leaders

These workshops are all prototypes and can be modified to meet an organisation’s bespoke needs. Contact me to explore ways in which I can help you pivot with passion and purpose. If you would like to work with me one-one-one to improve your writing, please get in touch with me via The Writing Coach.