Personal Development Training

Pivot with Passion and Purpose

The New Middle Age

The number of people aged 80 and over is projected to triple by 2050 globally and to increase seven-fold by the year 2100.  In an era in which we’re all living to be 100, how do we ensure a meaningful and productive second half of life? This is the question that animates me and which sits at the center of my “Pivot with Passion and Purpose” training.

Design Your Pivot

To pivot means to turn or swivel. It is not a grand gesture; in basketball, for example, you pivot by stepping with one foot while keeping the other one firmly on the floor. My training combines creative tools with practical advice. It empowers you to discover and articulate your authentic voice, so as to pivot with passion and purpose.

My Courses will help you to:

*Lay the groundwork for a successful career change

*Master the art of personal blogging

*Incorporate creative practice into daily life

*Make sense of what ageing means for health, work, family and society

Here are some of the courses I offer

*Jump-start Your Midlife Career Change

*Blog Your Passion

*Age Creatively

*The ‘New’ Middle Age: A Survey

These workshops are all prototypes and can be modified to meet an organisation’s bespoke needs. Contact me to explore ways in which I can help you pivot with passion and purpose.