Coaching and Training

I am a communications expert with more than 25 years of experience. My motto is “Find Your Voice; Make Things Happen.”

I firmly believe that successful communication boils down to one thing: finding your authentic voice and learning how to express it. That is as true for writing as it is for speaking. But engaging an audience effectively with that voice also requires discipline. To have maximum impact and visibility, your arguments need to be crisp and cogent.

What makes my brand distinctive is that I think with the logic and rigor of a social scientist, but communicate with the flair and fluidity of a journalist. This dual emphasis on coherence and creativity permeates my approach to helping you craft your message, whether I am helping you to create a blog, present a keynote speech, write a dissertation or lead a team.

My training enables you to:

*Write and speak with clarity and concision
*Build arguments that resonate and persuade
*Express yourself with authenticity and confidence

Clients rave about my hands on, enthusiastic approach. My individual coaching has been described as “transformative,” with “not a single moment wasted.” One client said that working with me was “literally the most useful and practically helpful session I have had on my writing throughout my entire…career.” When facilitating workshops, I have been described as “engaging and knowledgeable,” with sessions that are “logical, lucid, practical and interactive.”

Contact me to talk more about how I can help you find your voice and make things happen.