My essays have appeared in diverse outlets including The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Brain/Child Magazine.


2013  “Debate: Should You Let Your Child Quit?Brain/Child Magazine, Spring.

2010  “Praising Second Place,” The New York Times Motherlode blog, November 17.

2010  “Teaching (Other) Children About Sex,” The New York Times Motherlode blog, June 8.

2010  “Seeing Ourselves Through Our Children’s Eyes,” The New York Times Motherlode blog, April 19.

2008  “My Hillary Moment: It’s My Son and I Can Cry If I Want To,”, October 31.

2008  “Mommy Wars Redux-How Simone de Beauvoir Rescued Me in the Suburbs,”,   October 13.

2007  “Where Have All the Playgrounds Gone?International Herald Tribune, December 11.

Ex Pat Living

2018  “Enjoy Your Royal Wedding. Harry and Meghan Seem Nice But I Have Better Things to Do,” USA Today, 17 May.

2009  “A Land Without Therapists,” Guardian Weekly, February 9.

2008  “Alcohol at the School Fair? Yes, Please! We’re British!,”, December 21.

2008  “The London Mews: Trendy home, tiny living space,” Christian Science Monitor, May 23.

2007  “My Fifteen Minutes of Expat Fame,” International Herald Tribune, November 23.

2007   “We’ll Fix It In A Few Months,” Guardian Weekly, August 27.

2007   “Going Green In London,” Guardian Weekly, July 9.


2013  “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Stick To My New Year’s Resolutions,” Woman Magazine, 1 January, p. 15.

2009   “Married To A Metrosexual,” Chicken Soup For The Soul: True Love. Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark, eds. Cos Cob, CT: Chicken Soup For the Soul Publishing.

2009   “Attack of the Sofa Surfer,” The Financial Times, August 8.

2008  “Why I Hate Pets,, August 27.

2008  “When It Comes to Cars, Men are No Different than 17 Year Olds,, July 7.

2008  “Turning a Page on Book Clubs,” International Herald Tribune, January 26.

Career Change/Work

2009  “Designing Your Creative Space,” The Urban Muse, February 25.

2008  Visions of Cubicles Dance in My Head – The Ups and Downs of Working At HomeThe WAHM Magazine, Vol.1, Issue 5, September/October.

2008  The Job-Changer’s BiblesInternational Herald Tribune, June 20.

2008  “Academic Blogs: Reaching The Ivory Tower,” The Urban Muse, February 24.

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